Genetics Case Study on TaySachs

Topics: Genetic disorder, Childbirth, Pregnancy Pages: 6 (1990 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Genetics Case Study on Tay-Sachs


Genetics Case Study on Tay-Sachs
The Trosacks have just been informed that their unborn child has Tay-Sachs disease. Now they need help, information, support, and assistance to help and understand what this is, what issues they may encounter, what choices they have, and what help may be available. Let us create a game plan. We will start with an interdisciplinary team (IDT). For the trosack’s case I would create an IDT of a case manager, a high risk pregnancy obstetrician, a neonatologist/pediatrician, a Genetic psychologist/counselor, and a social worker. Each individual team member will bring in information that will help the Trosacks be able to make informed decisions throughout the pregnancy, birth, and after discharge from the hospital. The case manager will schedule and organize the IDT meetings. She will help with any referrals that may be needed. She will present information on Tay-Sachs and all the issues that the family may go through due to the disease and its processes. She will assist in scheduling appointments with various specialists. She will help the Trosacks prepare for the hospitalization and ensure that all arrangements are in order for the hospitalization stay. The case manager will help to prepare things for the discharge of the Trosacks back home, including having a home care referral implemented and arranged prior to the hospitalization for the birth. She will assist with insurance, helping to acquire any special equipment or help with medications as needed, and continue to assist the Trosacks with any other questions or issues that may arise. The high risk pregnancy obstetrician will be able to give information on all the possible problems that could occur with this type of pregnancy. They will be able to inform the Trosacks about the types of testing, including diagnostic tests that may need to be performed throughout the pregnancy, and what the appointment schedule will be like. They are able to monitor the pregnancy more closely and are prepared for more frequent doctor visits. The obstetrician can also make any suggestions or recommendations about care during the pregnancy and after the birth. The pediatrician will have knowledge of dealing with newborns and children with Tay-Sachs. He will be able to inform the Trosacks about what could happen with the delivery, the time right after delivery, and what could be expected throughout the life span of the child. He can also make suggestions for any other specialist that he feels may be helpful both before and after birth, and help with the referrals for any further specialist. The Genetic psychologist/counselor will be very valuable in helping the Trosacks through this. He will be able to educate and explain the complexities of Tay-Sachs. He will be able to help them with all of the emotions and stress that they will endure from here on out. He will be able to council them both individually and together and assist them with finding support groups that contain other families trying to deal and cope with similar issues. The social worker will be most useful after the birth of the child and the Trosacks discharge back to home, although, she will be able to have some things worked through and set up prior to the birth. She will be instrumental in helping to obtain Home Health support. Taking care of a child with genetic and medical issues is physically and...

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