Topics: Harley-Davidson, Harley Owners Group, Motorcycle Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection Question 1:

I feel Harley-Davidsons approach was very effective, well-structured and thorough. They stuck to the major phases of the ERP Life Cycle (LRP - Verville and Bernadas 2007 - ERP Acquisition Planning) throughout the process; the different phases in this model are planning, information search, (pre) selection, evaluation, choice and negotiation. * For the planning stage they formed the ‘SiL’K’ team and picked the right people with the right knowledge and influence. They picked people who they thought were “opinion leaders”. This team had initially picked some members to be part time but moved to get these members full time later on in the process. They allowed team members return to their perspective sites 2 days a week allowed them to keep in touch with their organisations and not get “disconnected” from the day to day goings on. * The team did a lot of mapping and surveys for the information search stage so they developed a clear image of what the organisation required with was demonstrated in their Request for Quote (RFQ). They knew what their functional requirements were and this made picking a supplier more efficient * For the selection stage the RFQ was sent to a “well- recognised industry research organisation” who returned a list of suitable suppliers. This coupled with some more recommendation from Harley-Davidson allowed the team to develop a strong list of candidates. * The various suppliers were asked to submit a self-evaluation to the team, which allowed them to see which supplier was the best “functionality fit”. A three hour presentation from each supplier allowed “SiL’K” to see each supplier’s strengths and weaknesses and allowed them to narrow the field down to 3 remaining choices. Visits to the remaining supplier’s sites for further research allowed the team to develop a deeper understanding of each. The case study didn’t get into the rest of the ERP life cycle...
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