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We live in a world that has a number of alternate communications infrastructures in place, many of which are global in nature. While the Internet is the most pervasive and recent of all global communications solutions, other older systems such as international mail and telephony have also played a huge role in bringing the world together. The growth of wireless communication networks for mobile phones and the Internet is the latest evolutionary step in global communications. DEFINITION

Global communication is the collective processes that are developed and used to create and/or improve communication on a worldwide level.

Global communication consists of two forms.
1) Internal communication
2) External communication

Internal communication:
Internal communication relies upon messages delivered from within
the business to those associated with it.

CEO’s message to employees.

External communication:
External communication is focused on messages delivered outside the
Business environment, often internationally.

Adv are:
1) understand different countries and culture
2) able to get other countries information from 'clicks' away. 3) Able to contact person easier where they might not be in the same country as you are. 4) The world becomes a global village with expansion of communication. 5) Electronic communication has led to an increase of global communication. The rise of electronic communication, such as instant messaging and email, has led to an increase of global communication.The global communication makes the world smaller place. 6) Global communication increase business opportunities. 7) Improve cultural education.

Disadv are:
1) Scam/fraud/cheaters are the risks as they will make use of this channel 2) The...
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