Global Pharmaceutical Market 2014- Novel Technology Platform, Partnership and Drug Portfolio

Topics: Drug discovery, Clinical trial, Orphan drug Pages: 4 (843 words) Published: June 3, 2014
Innovations have contributed to the availability of a range of new treatments for diseases resulting in improvement in the length and quality of life and reduced disease burden for individuals and society. However, the need for innovative therapies for unmet needs /challenging diseases continues to grow, accelerating the pace of drug development directly or through partnership/ in-licensing. We expect innovation and improved drugs therapies through novel target discovery and technology platforms to continue to flow from the backyards of small research focused companies (Rising Stars, RS – non-profitable biotech companies) in coming years. Approval of new drugs, successful launches, maturing pipeline sustained the growth trajectory of biotech companies resulting in successful IPOs. We expect the optimism to percolate further into companies with novel technology platforms and targets. For more details on the trend in drug approvals, upcoming milestones and M&A in coming years please see Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outlook 2014 :Rising Stars Nquire Before Buying @ . Table of Contents

Macro Analysis
• Drug Approval in 2013
• DRUG LAUNCHES: 2014/15
• Unmet Need of Innovators - Launched and Pipeline Unpartnered Compounds • Competition can reduce the life span of innovative patented drugs- Competitive landscape of PI3K, Jak and BTK inhibitors in clinical development • Resisting resistance – Global threat and Action taken • Oral vs. Injectables – Oral drugs for MS, RA and Psoriasis • Targeting Unmet Need on Hematological Malignancies- RRMM, RRMDS In-depth Company Analysis –

In-depth Company Analysis and Reports on
Ablynx- Nanobodies – Turnarond on the Horizon!
• Key Attributes- Novel Technology Platform, Partnership and Drug Portfolio • Background on the Nanobody technology platform ,
• Clinical data of key drugs in the pipeline- ALX0061—(IL6R...
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