Global War on Terrorism

Topics: Terrorism, Al-Qaeda, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 4 (1507 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Recent years have shown an increase in terrorism across the world. Americans have felt the impact of major terrorist attacks, such as the 9/11 attack, and, more recently, the bombing of the Boston City Marathon on April 15, 2013. But these terrorist attacks are not limited to the United States. Countries from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia are experiencing these attacks as well. Although terrorism is spread out, it seems that there is heavier terrorist activity in certain areas of the world and these sites do have certain things in common. It is up to the government of the United States to determine laws, procedures and organizations that will effectively prevent these attacks from occurring, and the United States has a moral obligation to become involved in stopping terrorist activities in other countries, not only for humanitarian reasons, but also to prevent the spread of terrorism to America. Living under the threat of terrorism has had a profound effect on the individual lives of Americans since 9/11 and has caused changes in American priorities. There is heavier terror activity in certain areas of the world due to the ethnic groups in those countries wanting more power, and due to religious extremists. These areas most likely have ethnic groups which do not get along with each other (ex: the Middle East). Areas of the Middle East are holy lands for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Although they all worship the same god with different names and some different ideals, they don't get along because of misunderstandings. When the religious fundamentalist extremists get into the mix, there we have it: terrorism. Also, since many western countries have oil interests in the Middle East, they tend to get involved, causing even more extremists, who claim to have the duty of purging all imperialists, infidels, or those who challenge THEIR interests, and there we have it again: terrorism. (www., Topic: Terrorism and Society, 2012) For example, in...
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