Good manners and beeing polite

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Good manners and beeing polite
The human being is social since from the beginning of its existence on Earth, billions years ago. From that time on, we have been living in a society with laws, rules and concepts about how to be polite, have good manners and good behavior. I believe that say “please” or “thank you” to people next us, who also make part of our society, means to be polite all over the world.

Being polite means how to behave in society it is always good and we will get more benefits with our politeness. Every one likes the person who is kind and using polite terms in conversation or to give in your place in a line for an elder or a pregnant woman, or just hold the door for someone to pass. It means using good manners when eating, talking or even driving. These polite behaviors are simple and easy to practice, but in many societies most of people forget good manners.

An arrogant person don't have the ability to achieve anything in his life due to his arrogance, on the other hand a polite person will achieve a lot of things and make a lot of friends in the society and gain more benefits with it. No one like the person who is arrogant and keep distance from them.

Politeness have the ability to change the mood of a person, if our friend or family is in tension and need our help, at that time we politely give our suggestion and help to them, they will follow our suggestion and never forget our help in their life. Being humble is a great virtue and we must possess it in our life..

In conclusion, people should be calmer, because patience is the first characteristics of a polite person. People also should have more respect to each other. I understand that an elderly or a pregnant woman need a place ahead of you in a line, and is not so hard to say "please" and "thank you", or open the door for someone to pass. So, if we try our best for being polite with other people, we can be happier with ourselves and we can live in a better society....
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