Good Traits of Filipino Guys Most Women Are Attracted to

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Good Traits of Filipino Guys Most Women Are Attracted To
Women are easily attracted by looks or the outward appearance of a man. Well, Filipino guys are not as handsome as other races but they can attract women through their good traits. Despite their outward appearance, women are drawn to them. Most ladies are turned off to handsome guys who don't know how to treat a woman. Here are some commendable traits of Filipino guys that most women are looking for in a man. Traits of being caring

a) Most Filipino guys are very caring to women. They do not let them carry heavy loads. They don't want to see women do heavy works that men usually do like splitting wood, carrying heavy boxes, transporting heavy things, etc. Cooking, washing, cleaning and caring for the kids are the woman's main work but still the men help them in doing these.This is one of the reasons why some Filipino ladies are so dependent to men when it comes to manly works at home. They are totally helpless when men are not around. In this, situation they have good reasons to give back the love and care for their man to keep them come home all the time and do the heavy job for them. b) When Filipino men and women walk on the street, men walk at the danger side. They are always concern of the woman's safety. Other women commented that Filipino guys are true gentlemen. Women are safe when they are with the true gentlemen. c) When they will be riding, the men will always open the door for women and let them get into the vehicle first, Some ladies do not like to be treated this way because this is too much but to others, they considered it as special treatment they really would like to have. It is good to feel like a princess once in a while. d) In the Philippines, people usually commute. They usually ride a Jeepney or bus. When passengers come down from the vehicle, men will go first and help the woman down by holding her hands to make her feel secure with her move. e) When they come to eat In a...
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