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Azure Challenge Application Summary Template for Team: Nimbus

This is the Azure Challenge Round 1 Application Summary Template. This is part of your Team’s Round 1 Entry Requirement. It is designed to guide you to include the required components of your Team’s project. Please use the questions in each section to align your submission with the judging requirements. Steps: • Insert your team name above

• Answer the questions below. Please be thorough. • This Application Summary must not exceed 15,000 characters including spaces. • The character count starts below the line identified here*. • This document must be submitted in the English Language. • This document must be named as follows: Azure_Challenge_Round_1_Project_Plan_[Team Name].DOC, .DOCX or .PDF, .RTF or .TXT. • Submit your Team’s Round 1 entry by utilizing the submission form on the entry panel of the Azure Challenge page at no later than then closing date of Round 1 (13 March, 2012, 11:59 GMT).

1. What problem are you solving as it relates to the Imagine Cup Theme? Describe the real world problem you are working to solve (not the application itself – that information goes below). Describe why you think solving this problem would be meaningful or helpful to some number of people? Who will benefit from having this problem solved?

2. Name and Description of your Application:
What is the name of your Application? Please describe it in detail.

3. Windows Azure Platform Functionality:
Describe how you will leverage the power of the cloud to provide a solution which could not be solved without the underlying Windows Azure platform features. How does your application innovate by leveraging the Windows Azure platform features and services to create a unique and more powerful solution?

4. Pre-existing source code:
If pre-existing source code files or third-party binary libraries are to be incorporated into the Application (such as physics engines or control toolkits), then this pre-existing source code must be clearly identified below and must not infringe on any third party rights, and must be used in accordance with all applicable licensing and use terms. This includes images, music and source code. Tell us what open source you are using, who owns it and what the applicable license information is.

5. Originality:
Innovation Microsoft believes that we have only seen the beginning of innovation powered by the cloud. Your Team is challenged to develop an application that solves new challenges by tapping into the services available through the Windows Azure platform. How unique and original is your Team’s idea? Does your application of the Windows Azure platform create an innovative usage of cloud computing?

6. User Experience
All applications must prioritize the user’s experience. Is the application designed with user scenarios as a focus to ensure a quality experience for the user of the application? How intuitive is the purpose of the application and the navigation through the application? Did your Team identify error scenarios and provide clear user messages within the application?

7. Presentation & Polish:
If you were to make a video about your project, what key points would you highlight? What scenarios would you show the viewer to clarify the purpose and impact of your project?

8. User Scenarios: If you’d like to include images in this Application Summary, please paste them at the end of this document. As a reminder, your max file size for your complete Round 1 entry is 50MB. Teams that exceed this limit will be disqualified. Instructions: Using your finished Expression Blend 4 SketchFlow export to a word document. Include the Navigation Screens for your application into this section. For each Navigation screen please describe the user scenario....

References: [1] Mercurio, Resolving the Public Health Crisis in the Developing World: Problems and Barriers of Access to Essential Medicines,
[2] Medicinal Drugs in the Third World,
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