Harley-Davidson’s Plan Ran by Work Teams

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Harley Owners Group, Better Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: March 4, 2013
2. Do you think the Kansas City plant is a realistic idea?

Support your position.
As I read chapter 11under the paragraphs; intergroup operating problems, suboptimization and intergroup competition. I reflect back and can’t help but noticed that all, battles that arises from different departments from my high to low conflicts. What I understood Harley Davidson implemented at their Kansas City plant, is a remarkable feat not only did they give each department tools and the ownership. They did this in a way that no other companies has done before; by dividing the planet into four operating groups each of them elects a representative to be directly involved with the policymaking of the plant operations. Harley Davidson also, gave the operating group the ability to set their own schedules this makes for a great low conflict of home and work relationships. Each operating group is given the ability to train new employees in which each operating group sought fit to train them. This will give each operating group the ability to train new employees in the most proficient and effective cost savings manner to the company. This also, gives the operating group a sense of ownership and accomplishment knowing that they are truly part of the Harley Davidson family. “I like to think of like a father teaching his son how to throw a baseball correct”. By giving each of the four operating group ability to manage the operating budget for the Harley-Davidson plant in Kansas City. This has given them first-hand knowledge of the cost of running a large scale operation such as Harley-Davidson. It also gives him a sense of where the money goes to, and where they could save the company monies in the future.

In addition Harley-Davidson also gave each operating the ability to provide Strategies. In my opinion who else, can better see where they can make improvements than those that are working the front lines. Not only does this make good sense but also gives something back to the...
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