Harley Davidson

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Harley Owners Group Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer which is very well known by all, bikers and non-bikers alike, around the globe and it is outstanding example of a company that has created loyalty through a pattern of steadfast interactions with its customers. Harley Davidson is an Iconic Brand Builder which has formed a deep emotional connection with its consumers that was strengthens through the creation of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), motorcycle clubs where fans could come together. This activity allowed motorcycle owners to feel as if they belonged to one big family and it drove both sales and brand loyalty. Today there are over a million members belonging to over 1,400 owner groups across the United States. Benefits of membership include exclusive products and product discounts, a newsletter, organized group rides, and much more. In 1983, the company launched a marketing campaign called SuperRide to encourage riders to become more actively involved in the sport. The company started to organize rallies to strengthen the relationship between its members, dealers, and employees, while also promoting the Harley experience to potential customers. This campaign named SuperRide authorized over 600 dealerships to invite people to test-drive Harleys. Over 40,000 potential new customers accepted the invitation, and from then on, many customers were not just buying a motorcycle when they bought a Harley; instead, they were buying “the Harley Experience.” (Josef Schinwald, 2005) Harley Davidson builds their customer to be a loyal fan. The Bikers who own Harley bikes are extremely passionate about biking and the brand. They have formed various groups to show their passion and their pride. Furthermore, no companies can boost their customer to be customer loyalty as Harley Davidson that can boost their customers tattoo their logos onto their forearms and dress in branded gear from head to toe (Molly Soat, 2012). Harley Davidson also grew its...

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