Harley Davidson

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Harley Davidson Inc.

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Harley Davidson Inc.
The purpose statement of Harley Davidson is to fulfill dreams of personal freedom. That is a pretty big statement but Harley Davidson backs that purpose with a brand that is recognized worldwide and for more than just motorcycles. In 1901, Williams S. Harley completes a blueprint drawing of an engine designed to fit into a bicycle. He was just 21 at the time. In 1904, William A. Davidson quits his job at the railroad and joins the Motor Company. The rest they say is pure history-American History, Pop Culture History and the beginning of the modern motorcycle industry.

Customers for life…Harley Davidson values the deep emotional connection that is created with our customers through products, services and experiences. We are fueled by the brand loyalty and trust that our customers place in us to deliver premium quality and the promise of fulfilling lifetime ownership experience. We exemplify this commitment by embracing a culture of personal responsibility and stewardship for quality in everything we do. (Harley-Davidson, 2014)

H-D strives to give the person looking for their own path a place to call their own, to express their individuality and by doing so these individuals become part of an iconic culture. Harley Davidson on American Craftsmanship-Individual craftsmen working together to create the benchmark others are judged against. We hold onto the values that have made Harley-Davidson® motorcycles what they are while modernizing the methods we use to build them. We export freedom to the world.

H-D looks to diversity in order to thrive. They not only sell motorcycles, they sell a brand, merchandise, parts and accessories and other services for it’s dealers and customers. The Financial Services segment consists of HDFS. HDFS is...
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