Harley Davidson

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1. As CEO of Harley-Davidson I would compare the advantages and disadvantages of using exporting for example giving the market access into a new marking, making us able to maximize revenue in a short amount of time. A disadvantage would be being viewed as an outsider making it harder for people to feel comfortable with the product. Joint ventures agree too much faster and less costly access to foreign markets. It also decreases the start up cost to the international partner. A disadvantage of a joint venture is that due to different cultures there might be some conflict in management due to diverse people with various beliefs and experiences. Foreign subsidiaries an operation completely owned by a foreign firm. An advantage would be allowing full control over management procedures. The downside would be to require more of an investment and commitment. 2. I believe that the new positioning will be successful in the foreign countries but with the right approach. The reason I say approach is because Harley-Davidson is going to have to study the cultural differences. They must be willing to respect each culture and use the differences in their advantage. They must look for ways to transition from loose to tight cultures, in order for this they need to be informed of the host country's political stability, and look for ways to enlarge the local job market, and develop the local resources that is associated within that country. 3. The general environment conditions that need to be analyzed before Harley makes strategic investments in each country are economic conditions, legal conditions, and technological and sociocultural conditions. Concerns for economic conditions might influence customer spending, resource supplies. Legal conditions vary from one country to the next. Technological conditions can have its pros and cons. Yes, social networking brings more business and people with experience, but are they spending too much time on that then on their work....
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