Harley Davidson Memo

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Harley Owners Group Pages: 1 (558 words) Published: November 10, 2014

Dr. Karen Ford-Eickhoff
Sonia Y. Farfan Murte
Harley-Davidson Memo

To be competitive in today’s market, companies need to evaluate their organizational capabilities from time to time. This allow companies in different industries to attract their customer’s attention by offering uniqueness and creativity in products that stand out from the competitors. By innovating and constantly updating their products, companies are always able to target and attract more customers. Harley Davidson, one of the most famous companies in the production of motorcycles, allows us to identify the three main steps of an organizational capabilities assessment. The company interaction with customers, its competitive advantage and disadvantage and its organizational capabilities and competencies. Historically, Harley-Davidson earned brand reputation for the best motorcycle by selling highly functional motorcycles. Harley Davidson used to cater to male customers between the ages of 35 and 65 who were primarily white baby boomers. Today however they are attempting to attract more women and younger riders. This Company created a unique image of their product. Customers did not just buy a way of transportation but also a lifestyle embedded within a unique culture. Harley Davidson’s brand occupied a specific place in the mind of its consumers among others brands. The customer’s loyalty was reflected in customer’s purchases and commitment to the brand including tattoos, motorcycle customization, specific clothing, patches, pins and so on. This company sold a brand that was able to bring together a group of people with similar purposes, ideas, beliefs, styles, etc. Customers’ interaction has been a key of success for product innovation and superior customer value. To achieve success and maintain growth over time, Harley Davidson developed an internal cultural organization to focus on attention of employees on a particular group of consumers. The...
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