Harley Davidson: More Than Just a Motorcycle, a Video Case

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, William S. Harley Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: March 4, 2014
The video case “Harley Davidson: More Than Just a Motorcycle” briefly explains how the company Harley Davidson, was able to reshape, recreate and expand their products while also encouraging, enlightening, and mentoring both female and male customers at the same time for the past 100 years. The Harley-Davidson company creates and designs motorcycles fit for any and everybody. Although the company uses special marketing variables in trying to reach a specific target market, they do not limit their products nor reject any other customers outside of that specific target market. Using psychographic variables, advertising in certain locations is an example of how Harley-Davidson reaches out to their target market. Psychographic segmentation variables mainly concentrate on its customers according to their personal attributes, motive, and lifestyle. The company also markets their magazines to both women and men; people overall who happen to be very independent and active individuals. With motorcycling being a hobby more so for a male, Harley-Davidson specifically establishes a way to show females who are also into riding motorcycles that they are too accepted into the bond for the open road. To show this, Harley-Davidson hires women in their establishments since women customers do often feel undermined and intimidated by male employees when in search of a new motorcycle. Events all over the nation are also held for the female motorcyclists where they are educated and mentored on the ways of Harley-Davidson and the road.

The term quality has been used to differentiate products today in the Harley-Davidson company for years. It is one of the main factors this company has been using to satisfy the needs of both old and new customers. Quality is not only the distinctive characteristic, property, or attribute of a product, but it also benefits and satisfies the customers’ wishes. Sustaining and keeping up with the various products and the quality of them keeps...
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