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Abstract .........3
Introduction .........4
Harley Davidson and its Strategy ...... 5
Harley Davidson’s Strengths......7
Harley Davidson’s Weaknesses......9
Harley Davidson’s Opportunities......10
Harley Davidson’s Threats.......11
Social Marketing........13
Harley Davidson’s New Strategy ......14
Suggestions for Harley Davidson......16
Strategy Suggestions for Harley Davidson....17


Having a Harley Davidson means more than having a simple motorcycle, a ride, it means having a group of persons sharing the same feeling and desire of power, the same devotion for a brand. All Harley Davidson’s customers are proud of the brand due to the quality it offers, the sound the motor makes and the most important characteristic; the power a Harley Davidson has. The purpose of this research is to analyze and understand the strategy that Harley Davidson has been using in order to success and overcome its competence like Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and Ducati. Also, the reader will be able to make a competitive force analysis and identify all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Harley Davidson could have on a worldwide market.


Today, motorcycle industry has been very competitive since each brand has invested a significant amount of money in order to perform their rides and get a better comfort for the selected customers. In addition, motorcycle industry has been studying customers’ needs so they know exactly where investigate to perform or optimize certain components of the motorcycles to get a better handling and enjoyable trip. All of these specifics aspects have to been analyze by the company in order to be better than the competence. Therefore, the main goal of this paper is to study and understand the strategy Harley Davidson used to success over other brands around the world. Moreover, a SWOT analysis will be perform in this paper, so the reader can identify all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can occur in a worldwide market.


In 1983, Harley Davidson launched a marketing campaign called “superride” in which the company invited people to use a Harley Davidson motorcycle. More than 45 000 potential new clients accepted the invitation, and it was a success because the clients bought a motorcycle during the event. Also, they (the customers) were saying that they were not buying or acquiring just a new motorcycle; they were buying and experimenting “The Harley Davidson experience”.

Besides, during the event “Superride” Harley Davidson was offering a one-year free membership to a local group of motorcycles. The membership was very tentative because the clients were going to received motorcycle news, magazines, insurance, maintenance, hotel discounts, medical assistant, travel assistant, etc. All of these discounts and offers influenced into the customers to take a decision in order to choose to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Another strategy that was used by Harley Davidson was the utilization of its motorcycles on Hollywood movies. How can this be a strategy? First, the people who watched a movie where a Harley Davidson was used get hooked by all the abilities and skills the driver had even though they were special effects or they were not true. Therefore, if a person who wants to buy a motorcycle and he or she were deciding which brand were better, watching that movie made an influence on the decision. Second, the objective of using brands during a movie, in this case Harley Davidson, is a big promotional because a lot of people watch the movie and they will start talk about them after the film.

Moreover, one of...

References: “The results provide evidence to indicate that a stronger financial position in a previous year is significantly associated with better safety performance in a subsequent year” (Britto, Rodrigo A, Corsi Thomas, 2010, p. 42-51).
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