Harley Davidsons Organizational Culture

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Organizational culture Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Harley Davidson has a culture that is unique like no other organization. The Harley culture has changed and adjusted itself accordingly throughout history. Harley Davidson’s success is due to the culture that it has created. The three main aspects of Harleys culture is 1. Harley has such an inclusive nature of Family, that it is able to bind its customers together through implementing them into a lifestyle. 2. The employees are customers; they are a big part of the Harley family. 3. Harley Davidson is able to implement such strong cultural through the passion and value which Harley is able to provide quality and love of their product. Through this Learning Journal I am going to summarize the Thesis paper, which I chose to read and then discuss and apply my opinions and values to the Journal.

The Thesis Paper that I have chosen to analyze is “Harley Davidson, a spirit of American freedom for 100 Years” by Joseph W.Lynch. This reading involved 6 chapters. The first chapter establishes the main research question “How has Harley-Davidson survived 100 years in existence and successfully created a lifestyle (or culture) on the Harley Davidson products and company?” (PAGE 3) and the parameters of the study. The second chapter reflects the history of Harley Davidson, along with what Harley Davidson has done to withstand the slumps and how they have thrived through the booms. The third chapter, where I did most of my in depth study, analyzes the most important aspects of Harley how their brand and quality thrives, how their image has been represented, and their current branding, all relating to the culture of the organization and how it makes Harley the way it is. The fourth chapter follows a review and conclusion, the fifth a survey and interviews, and the sixth a summary, conclusion and recommendations. Following all the chapters, a bibliography, appendix, and survey example.

Harley Davidson introduces their organization more as a family than any other type of group...
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