Harley Davison Case Study

Topics: Motorcycle, Harley-Davidson, Harley Owners Group Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Gerald Daniele10/10/12
CEO of Harley-Davidson I would first compare the advantages and disadvantages of using exports. First of all the Harley-Davidson company would grow from exports bigger profits for Harley-Davidson and more jobs for American and foreign workers. The advantages of export I think would extend the sales potential of existing products more customers globally than just at home in the USA. I think the disadvantages for export would be the great amount of money spent for the initial set up for global expansion. Secondly modifying your product changing the look of Harley-Davidson motorcycles to fit Japanese taste. In this case producing a shinier motorcycle which Japanese prefer. Third of all Harley would need to change and develop all-new promotional material to be on the same page with the Japanese market. And last Harley would need to obtain all new export licenses. I think joint ventures in foreign subsidiaries could be helpful in expanding international sales because some countries, the only avenue for entering a certain market is to be partners with the foreign country. Also Harley would use the joint venture if Harley had a small project to prevent the hassle of purchasing a company for one or two contracts to be completed. Much money would be saved through joint venture. Also joint venture retains his individual ownership. Also easy to borrow another company's resources or expertise.(1) The disadvantages of or pitfalls for Harley would recall quality control issue sometimes these problems arise. Example, if Harley Davidson's joint venture company is not up to Harley Davidson standard of customer service Harley Davidson doesn't like it because it's damaging the reputation of Harley-Davidson. Another example is Harley has spent more man hours on the project and believes it has not been compensated fairly. I think in Asia, Africa and South America I don't think they really care about such things as a Harley Davidson...
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