Hc Careers Diagram and Summary

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Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary
Plaridel B. Quileza
HCS 531 - Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems
November 12, 2012
Doreen Gounaris

Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary
In the delivery of healthcare every member of the healthcare team plays important role in ensuring that the most appropriate care is provided to the patient to the best of their expert capabilities. The role of a pharmacist is critical in delivering quality healthcare. The article “What Pharmacist Do?” by Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012) provides detailed statement of the important roles pharmacists play and the services they provide in healthcare delivery. Career Description

Typically, the career of pharmacists is concentrated on the correct and proper interpretation of prescriptions and the dispensing of products as prescribed (FDA, 2009). They represent as the final check and approval of a pharmaceutical product before it leaves the pharmacy and delivered to the patient for their use. While it is common that the place of work of pharmacists is in a hospital setting many pharmacists offer their practices as clinicians, wellness and health promotion professionals in a community health, as industrial pharmacist, consultants, post-secondary teachers, and owning and running their own pharmacy chains. Whether the practice of pharmacists is private or public their duty continues to focus on the well-being of their patients through correct prescriptions. Services Provided

Pharmacists, as healthcare providers, provide numerous services to their patients. In addition to dispensing correct medications they also educate, advice, research, manufacture, and serve as consultants in proper drug use. Two services that stand out in today’s list of pharmacists could be seen in community and clinical pharmacies. In community practice pharmacists are involved in dispensing prescriptions where they provide information to the patient about their medications and dosages. They also...

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