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Topics: Childbirth, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: September 7, 2014

Current Article Summary
Phernanda Bowers
HCS 490
January 11, 2013
Current Article Summary
Today the modern women have come a long way than just staying at home as housewives. Women today are breaking the glass ceiling and taking elevators to the top with their careers. Since careers demand a busy life spending time preparing in school, internships, and eventually fulltime jobs, and juggling family and life situations at the same time women and men have neglected their nutrition causing an increase in obesity. For women this can cause a lot of problems if they want to get pregnant. Today women who are overweight, obese, and are planning to start a family are struggling to get pregnant and can have more complications during their pregnancy because of overweight issues. In the article, Overweight and Pregnant Jane Brody talks about how women today seem to be struggling more during their pregnancies. Brody explains how pregnancy used to encourage women to be healthier, exercise, follow a nutritious and balanced diet, and quit bad habits. Unfortunately now women struggle with the battle of being overweight and obesity. There have been some doctors that are even refusing to care for overweight pregnant women because of all the complications it may arise during pregnancy and while giving birth. According to this article obesity can cause a lot of problems for example: gestational diabetes, hypertension, miscarriage, premature birth, and cesarean delivery. According to Brody (2014), “The infants of obese women are more likely to have congenital defects, and they are at greater risk of dying at or soon after birth. Babies who survive are more likely to develop hypertension and obesity as adults.” (para 4.) The risks keep increasing for women, who are overweight, it is important that all overweight and obese patients get educated on the risks they could face. It is important for providers that are not familiar with weight management and nutrition to send...
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