health and social care unit 1 m1 criteria

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M1 criteria:
Describe how legislation, policies and procedures promote the safety of individuals in a health or social care setting.

In health and social care, there are many legislations, policies and procedures you have to abide by in order to maintain a lawfully and safe run setting. After watching the clip of Holby City, I noticed a few legislations, policies and procedures, being followed and being breached. Policies and procedures in a hospital are put in place in order to promote the health and safety of individuals.

Working Practices – safe ways to work
When watching the clip, I had noticed that Archie’s step dad was not allowed to enter the operating room or take part in the operation. This is because if in the operating room anything would have happened to Archie, the step dad would have felt at fault. Also he could have felt like Archie’s life was in his hands and would have or could have made a quick reaction mistake, thinking he was doing something extra to help when in reality he could have made things worse. We also see medical staff wearing appropriate clothing to minimise risks of cross contamination. They were wearing, face masks, aprons and head covers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
When watching the Holby City clip, I noticed that all medical staff were clothed accordingly, when operating on the child (Archie) and whilst preparing medicines and following procedures for the child in their care. Face masks, aprons and head covers were worn, to stop spread of germs, bacteria, illnesses or diseases. PPE is put in place in order to reduce the risks of cross contamination.

During the Holby City clip, I noticed that all staff were wearing ID badges and that all doors were security coded. In also had noticed that all the patients notes were handled with care and not just left on the side. There was always a member of the medical tam holding on to the notes so that they were not seen by anybody who did not need to...
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