Healthy Newborn Case Study

Topics: Childbirth, Infant, Fetus Pages: 2 (922 words) Published: November 8, 2014
The nursery RN places the infant under a radiant warmer and starts to dry her quickly. What is the rationale for these actions? B -- Convective heat loss from evaporation is reduced.
Which action should the nurse take prior to drying the infant's back? D -- Inspect the back for possible neurological defects.
At 1 minute of age, the infant is crying and has a heart rate of 160 and a respiratory rate of 58. Both of the infant's arms and legs are flexed, and her hands and feet are cyanotic. Which APGAR score should the nurse assign? B -- 9

The nurse conducts a physical assessment of the infant looking for normal as well as abnormal findings.Upon inspection of the umbilical cord, which finding should the nurse report to the healthcare provider? C -- One artery and one vein are present.

The Carson baby's head is molded from the vaginal delivery. Upon seeing the baby, Ms. Carson says, 'Oh, she is so beautiful, but something is wrong with her head.'How should the nurse respond? C -- 'Her head has been molded from delivery through the birth canal, which is normal.' #6

The nurse checks the identification bands for both the baby and the mother upon admission to the nursery. One ID number is incorrect.Which action should the nurse take to solve this problem? C -- Redo the identification bands with another nurse witnessing the process. #7

Upon admission to the transition care nursery, the Carson baby's axillary temperature is 97.4� F.Which action should the nurse take? B -- Place the infant in a radiant warmer and monitor her temperature. #8

While examining the infant's head, the nurse notes soft swelling of the scalp that extends across the suture lines of the fetal skull. Which action should the nurse take in response to this finding? A -- Document the finding in the record.

The nurse notes a bluish discoloration of the skin across the infant's sacral area.Which should the nurse do in response to this finding? C -- Document this finding in...
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