Helmet Laws

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Motorcycle, Motorcycle helmet Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Every year there are 38.8 deaths per year and overall deaths of riders under 21 almost tripled due to motorcycle accidents, according to, The Insurance Industry Study in The Motorcycle Helmet Law a no-brainer -- to both sides By Barry Millman, Staff Writer (Sun Herald / Venice, FL). Due to this statistic I think that there’s a big dilemma which has an obvious answer to it, people in many states are opposing the law that enforces motorcyclists to wear helmets they think it should be a choice but in reality what’s more important. Your safety or a choice, I think the helmet law should be enforced in every state it could be the one thing that saves you in a time that you really might need it. The no helmet law for motorcyclist is like a death sentence to those riding on these heavy dangerous machinery’s. Most people think that it is okay to cruise down the highway with a lot of other cars around them. Whether or not the motorcyclist’s riding without helmets takes precautions while on the road you never know what can happen on the road. The cars on the road around you that are thousands of pounds can instantly kill you especially if you’re on a motorcycle with no helmet. One day you could be riding behind a car on the highway and the car all of the sudden the car in front gets in a wreck and flips and smashes the motorcyclist. And the next day you end up in a hospital unconscious or worse; dead. Another reason why the motorcycle helmet law should be required; is for head injuries. Most motorcyclist that end up in an accident and were wearing a helmet, are most likely too get a dangerous head injury including traumatic brain injury, which is the leading cause of death and disability in motorcycle accidents. Brain injuries can result in memory loss, loss of coordination, seizures, and inability to continue any hobbies, and or continue working. According too the article Motorcycle Accidents Relating to Brain Injuries by: Peter Kent, “Motorcyclists, even those who wear...
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