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Submitted in the partial fulfillment for the award of degree of

BACHELOR OF BUSSINESS AMINISTRATION Of Pt.Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (C.G) Session 2007-2010 Submitted by ABHISHEK KUMAR


To whom may ever it may concern

This is to certify that abhishek kumar student of B.B.A 6th sem of shri shankaracharya mahavidyalaya , bhiai has carried a research project on the topic to hero Honda under my supervision . This report is original and data collected by the researchers him self are true authentic up to my knowledge. We wish abhishek success in his professional career .

I abhishek kumar student of sixth semester at ‘ shri shankaracharya mahavidyalaya ‘ here by declare that these research report under the title is the record of my original work under the guidance of Mr. Sandeep Jaswant (H.O.D ) B.B.A . These report has never been submitted any where for award of any degree or diploma. Place: Date: Department of BBA Shri shankaracharya mahavidyalaya sector-6 bhilai (CG)

This is to certify that abhishek kumar a student of B.B.A sixth semester at our institute under my guidance and supervision he had carried out the research project under title “ marketing strategy of hero Honda“ This research report is the original one. Place: Date : Project guide (lecturer) Department of B.B.A SSM Bhilai

Perhaps the most awaited moment of any endeavor in its successful competition of their project report cases study having worked on her project for the whole academic session. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who made it possible. Firstly I am humbly and respectfully to my guide Mr. Sandeep Jaswant (H.O.D) of the B.B.A department under whose able guidance. I had the privilege to work and who guided at every stage. I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our principle for being guide of philosopher throughout B.B.A program. I shall be failing in my duty if I don’t express my deep sense of gratitude to all my friends and the relatives who have share their valuable time and helped me directly or indirectly in the preparation of their project .

At the end last but not the least, I would like to thanks the other staff and non staff member the of this college.

( B.B.A sixth semester)

The topic chosen by me for my project is marketing strategy “In reference to hero Honda automobiles the two wheeler especially in the stylish motorcycle. At present hero Honda is market leader in the Indian market. Today there are various companies coming in Indian and these certainly will exist a cutthroat competition in these field . I have chosen a hero Honda as a topic essence of my project .today two wheeler

consumer due to new manufacturing entrant has started getting a wide choice while buying one these gave to considered the facility provided by the two wheeler the price mileage , maintenance and service etc. while buying a two wheeler . A normal customer is quit puzzled and faces for an uneven some time huge problems in deciding which vehicle to buy. I realized the problem and decide to take these up as the challenge and provide answer to as the requirement of the Hero Honda.

Chapter - 1

Satisfaction is the persons feeling of pleasure (or) disappointment resulting from comparing a

product perceived performance (outcome) in relation to his/her expectation. if the performance fall short of expectation the customer is dissatisfied . if the performance matches the exception the customer is satisfied if the performance exceeds the expectation the customer is highly satisfied ( or ) delighted many companies are aiming for high satisfaction because they are much ready to switch. ] Buyer’s expectation formed on the...
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