Hero Honda Showroom's Organisation Study

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Chapter – 1

Brijmohan Lall Munjal - Seeding a Dream
“Don’t dream if you can’t fulfill your dreams” Brijmohan Lall Munjal is often fond of saying. The founder and patriarch of the $ 2.8 billion Hero Group is your classic first generation entrepreneur. He is a man who started small, dreamt big and used a combination of grit and perseverance to create one of the country’s largest corporate groups and the World’s No.1 Two Wheeler Company.

Instinctive from a young age, Brijmohan Lall made a rather unusual start in life. Around the time when the freedom movement in India was taking shape in the late 1920s, he walked into a newly opened Gurukul (Indian heritage school) near his home in Kamalia (now in Pakistan). He was only six years old then.

Thus began an extraordinary tale of courage and perseverance. Brijmohan began his business story after partition in 1947, when he and his brothers relocated to Ludhiana. The family set up a company that provided poor people with basic transport (cycles). Three decades later, as India evolved, he added a second crucial chapter - which visualized affordable and technologically superior transport to millions of middle class Indians. The rest is history.


• To study the marketing mix of Hero Honda Company
• To study its life cycle initial stage, growth and maturity. • To study various promotional strategies and know about the current • Strategies keeping in mind the cut throat competition and arrival of Honda Company in India. • To focus on comparative study of different products of Hero Honda company • Different range of Products; their success and failure. • To study overall financial performance of Hero Honci Company.


• The study was carried out for Hero Honda Motorcycle with reference to consumer behavior with respect to Venkatesh Automotives in Gulbarga City. • The project involves the study of the segmentation. Targeting & positioning of Hero Honda two-wheeler in the market. And what people think about it. • Hero Honda. It includes carrying out a survey among customers & the industry people as well as the retailers. t also involves the devising of repositioning of the existing brand by some modifications; advertisement should be so made that the targeted segment comes to know what the bike is. How is it better from others. So, that in near future this bike becomes a grand success. Information regarding the market share, cost factors, the marketing and promotion strategies etc was collected from primary data sources.


The project involves the study of four- strokes bike segment in two wheeler industry sector, which involved:

1. Market survey! Researches
2. Meeting the retailers and the customers
3. Desk Research

I did two types of surveys (Data source):

1. P/S T1 was done visiting Hero Honda Motors Ltd. Corporate office, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar regarding segmentation, targeting and positioning of their brands in the two wheeler sector. A lot of desk research was also done. 2. P/S T2 conducted by visiting Hero Honda Motors Ltd. And retailers of Hero Honda {Khanna Automobiles & ESS AAY Agencies , auto needs(INDIA) Pvt., Ltd).Basic objective was to know their product price, distribution channel, their customers , their process of segmentation ,targeting and positioning in the problems faced by the customers and lastly their views about the model. 3. P/s T3 conducted by taking views of the customers using th model of Hero Honda i.e. Hero Honda splendor. Their view points About the model, their grievances! complaints about it. Last but not the least their views about modification required in it.

The research instrument used was a structural questionnaire. It was formulated after detailed discussion.

a) Sampling...
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