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HERO MOTOCORP – “Hum mein hein Hero”

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After the decision of the Board of Directors of the Hero Honda Group to terminate their 27 year old Joint Venture for the design, manufacture and distribution of 2 Wheelers in India, Hero faced with the challenge of creating a brand for itself and re-position so as to make the customers sustain their trust. The decision to split was taken in December, 2010 and Hero rebranded itself as Hero MotoCorp, unveiling the new logo on 9th August, 2011 and launched the “Hum mein hein Hero” Campaign on 15th August, 2011.

For any organization, it is one matter to change the brand and its identity, but quite another to change the name itself. There were debates on how and what should the new company and brand stand for. The exercise was approached in a phased manner and executed over the period of one month. The word “Hero” was often used in ad campaigns of Hero Honda prior to demerger. And music was always mainstay of their ads. Music coupled with “hero” would be used in a manner, which would generate an emotional appeal of 'nationalism' and 'pride in oneself'. Post demerger, the word “hero” was again used with music to evoke emotional appeal in its viewers. But this time, the emotional appeal was shifted towards generating a feeling of 'pride in oneself' alone. Differentiating factor this time was very touching and hummable music of A R Rehman. This did two important things for Hero Moto Corp. One, it gave viewers same feeling of watching a Hero Honda ad. Two, fabulous Rehman music got viewers hooked on to Hero Moto Corp’s brand, creating a familiarity with the brand very quickly. Finally what you have in front of audience is Hero Moto Corp in the same light as Hero Honda was i.e. same feeling of belongingness, trust and familiarity with the brand ad with Hero Honda. Essentially Hero Moto Corp has been successful in bringing brand legacy of Hero Honda to its new name.

Plot: The ad opens with defining moments of common people-one which makes them heroes. The characters introduced are: a scared young female gymnast at world gymnastics competition, a worried middle aged biker at a dilapidated bridge, a child performer in a dance reality show getting butterflies before his performance, An exasperated male Punjabi schoolteacher following his students to a hilltop fort, a husband trying to teach his skeptical wife how to ride a Pleasure, a small child not intimidated by army soldiers but challenging them to bowl at him, a confident young lady pilot and a courageous Para-glider. So far there is certain trepidation in these characters but also the confidence and will to succeed in pressurizing circumstances. The climax sequence which follows, is resonated by the slogan ‘Hum mein hai Hero’ wherein each of these characters is shown to succeed amidst all the fretfulness, fear and extremities. They overcome all odds to achieve their goals-their smiles and satisfaction telling many a tale. In the final sequence, the vintage Hero Honda imagery and association- Desh ki Dhadkan, is recreated albeit with stress on the changed name “Hero Moto Corp”.

Theme of the Ad: The ad is multi themed but the themes are interrelated. Passion, Courage, Willingness to surmount all odds, Heroism and Patriotism are the themes projected through the advertisement. Intended message appeal: The ad is mostly emotional in appeal; not much focus has been paid to information apart from the changed brand name. Hero plays on the trust element it gathered from Hero Honda and integrates in with the ‘Hum mein hai hero’ slogan. There is a marked attempt to carry over the goodwill garnered from Hero Honda. General ambience: The ad...
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