Hero vs Honda

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The amount of research regarding the topic “Hero vs Honda” is so vast. The topic is new; it is as about the merging and formation of the organizations. The companies after walking hand-in-hand for 27years, are now standing head to head in Indian two-wheeler market. Now their marketing strategies to earn market share. This study verifies The marriage between the mega corporation from Japan Honda and the world's leading maker of cycles Hero. It was a remarkable union. One that stood the test of time. The alliance started in the year 1984 and was intact for more than 25 years (ended in the year 2010.

Some of the reasons that The breakup of Hero Honda after a marriage spanning 25 years sent shockwaves across the entire Indian auto industry. Hero Honda had brought the concept of a two–wheeler in India’s collective consciousness. It is also regarded as the largest manufacturer of two–wheelers in the world. Then why the breakup of such a uber successful marriage ? The reason cited includes disagreement over various issues and deals.


Hero Honda …no ! It’s Hero vs. Honda. There was a time when i used to compare the sales figures of Hero Honda with Bajaj Auto. Both were arch rivals as the competition between the two groups in two-wheeler segment is very stiff. But who knows about the biggest rivalry yet to come. Two wheeler segment has got one more competitor just because there is something unexpected

happened in the recent past. It was 2010 when i first heard the news about Hero motocorp and Honda Motorcycles and Scooters (HMSI) rift. And then the biggest news appeared on different news channels, Newspapers, Magazines and on Internet somewhere in October 2010

But then the ground situation points to something different
The Honda group has invested a lot into technology and R & D because at the same time in the west especially the European region, the movement has been onto the Euro – V norms....

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