heros emerge in a time of conflict

Topics: Terrorism, Leadership, Hero Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: July 25, 2014
Conflict will always be a part of human nature due to our complex make up and conflicting ideas and values. Whilst the inevitability of conflict brings much pain and suffering, it is not always a bad thing as it can allow for true heroes to arise and act in a way that benefits the greater good. Adversity brings out the best and worst in all people this means that there is a very thin line between a hero and a villain. An individual’s involvement in conflict is a matter of perspective; this means that one man’s hero could be another man’s villain. Although these individuals may be heroes during a time of conflict, the emotional suffering that they may have to endure in the aftermath may mean that their actions where done in vain. In a time of conflict it is natural for a group of people to look to an individual for leadership. For the ladies in the Prisoners of War camp in the film “Paradise Road” this individual was Adrienne. Leadership quality’s where displayed from Adrienne right from when she firsts arrives in Sumatra when she snaps at Captain Tanaka stating that “…there is a Geneva convention laying down the rules of war”. These defiant words in the face of danger portray Adrienne as someone who is willing to stand up for what she believes in. Again heroic qualities are shown by Adrienne in her leadership role in the “women’s vocal orchestra”. By uniting the ladies and providing them with a symbol of hope Adrienne became the hero and the leader that the women needed in a time of great conflict. Adrienne’s actions in the face of danger can be compared to that of “the father of India”, Mahatma Ghandi. Through his actions and ideology in the face of conflict, Ghandi emerged as a hero for the Indian people and a source of inspiration and hope for generations of people all over the world. Ghandi’s influence affected millions of lives and was powerful enough to win back his country’s independence without a single act of violence. What makes someone a hero in...
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