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Test I Review
A healthcare provider informs the charge nurse of a labor and delivery unit that a client is coming to the unit with suspected abruptio placentae. What findings should the charge nurse expect the client to demonstrate? (Select all that apply.) A) Dark, red vaginal bleeding. 

B) Lower back pain. 
C) Premature rupture of membranes. 
D) Increased uterine irritability. 
E) Bilateral pitting edema. 
F) A rigid abdomen. 
The nurse attempts to help an unmarried teenager deal with her feelings following a spontaneous abortion at 8-weeks gestation. What type of emotional response should the nurse anticipate? A) Grief related to her perceptions about the loss of this child.  B) Relief of ambivalent feelings experienced with this pregnancy.  C) Shock because she may not have realized that she was pregnant.  D) Guilt because she had not followed her healthcare provider's instructions.  3.

The nurse is planning preconception care for a new female client. Which information should the nurse provide the client? A) Discuss various contraceptive methods to use until pregnancy is desired.  B) Provide written or verbal information about prenatal care.  C) Ask the client about risk factors associated with complications of pregnancy.  D) Encourage healthy lifestyles for families desiring pregnancy.  4.

A client at 32-weeks gestation is diagnosed with preeclampsia. Which assessment finding is most indicative of an impending convulsion? A) 3+ deep tendon reflexes. 
B) Periorbital edema. 
C) Epigastric pain. 
D) Decreased urine output. 
The nurse is preparing a client with a term pregnancy who is in active labor for an amniotomy. What equipment should the nurse have available at the client's bedside? (Select all that apply.) A) Litmus paper. 

B) Fetal scalp electrode. 
C) A sterile glove. 
D) An amnihook. 
E) Sterile vaginal speculum. 
F) Lubricant. 
During a prenatal visit, the nurse discusses with a client the effects of smoking on the fetus. When compared with nonsmokers, mothers who smoke during pregnancy tend to produce infants who have A) lower Apgar scores. 

B) lower birth weights. 
C) respiratory distress. 
D) a higher rate of congenital anomalies. 
A client with gestational hypertension is in active labor and receiving an infusion of magnesium sulfate. Which drug should the nurse have available for signs of potential toxicity? A) Oxytocin (Pitocin). 

B) Calcium gluconate. 
C) Terbutaline (Brethine). 
D) Naloxone (Narcan). 
The nurse observes a new mother avoiding eye contact with her newborn. Which action should the nurse take? A) Ask the mother why she won't look at the infant. 
B) Observe the mother for other attachment behaviors. 
C) Examine the newborn's eyes for the ability to focus. 
D) Recognize this as a common reaction in new mothers. 
A female client with insulin-dependent diabetes arrives at the clinic seeking a plan to get pregnant in approximately 6 months. She tells the nurse that she want to have an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby. What information should the nurse share with the client? A) Your current dose of Insulin should be maintained throughout your pregnancy.  B) Maintain blood sugar levels in a constant range within normal limits during pregnancy.  C) The course and outcome of your pregnancy is not an achievable goal with diabetes.  D) Expect an increase in insulin dosages by 5 units/week during the first trimester.  10.

A pregnant client tells the nurse that the first day of her last menstrual period was August 2, 2006. Based on Nägele’s rule, what is the estimated date of delivery? A) April 25, 2007. 
B) May 9, 2007. 
C) May 29, 2007. 
D) June 2, 2007. 
In evaluating the respiratory effort of a one-hour-old infant using the Silverman-Anderson Index, the nurse determines the infant has synchronized chest and abdominal movement, just visible lower chest retractions, just visible xiphoid retractions, minimal and...
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