History of Osama Bin Laden

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Osama Bin Laden
According to Scheuer Michael (1), Osama Bin-Muhammad bin-Awad bin Laden was born in the al-Maz district of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on March 10, 1957. Bin-Laden father was Muhammad bin-Awad bin Laden, was born into Yemen’s Kenda tribe around 1908, and his mother Allia Ghanem, she was from a largely secular middle-class Syrian family of Yemeni origin. Osama’s has fifty-two siblings: twenty-eight brothers and twenty-four sisters from his father and four sibling: three brothers and one sister from his mother. The siblings of Osama from his father are: From mid 1940s to 1950:

Sons: Salem, Ali, Thabit, Mahrous, Hassan, Omar, Bakr, Khaled, Yeslam, Ghalib, Yahya, Abdulaziz, Issa, Tareq. Daughters: Aysha, Fatima, Sheika, Su’add, Tayyeba, Wafa, Nour. From 1951 to 1959:
Sons: Ahmad, Ibrahim, Shafiqi, Osama, Khalil, Saleh, Haider. Daughters: Salma, Zeenat, Ruqqueiya, Randa, Zubaida, Najiah, Samiah, Muna, Saleha, Mariam, Fowaziyah, Raja, Huda, Seema. From 1959 to 1967

Sons: Saad, Abdullah, Yasir, Mohammad.
Daughters: Raedah, Eman, Aetedal, Sahar, Iiham, Sana’a, Malak, Muneera. From Osama mother:
Son: Ahad Mohammad, the rest are unknown and Daughter’s name is Fatima Mohammed al-Attas. According to Scheuer Michael (1), Osama want to Al-Thagher Model School at the time the most prestigious high school, near downtown Jeddah, a boys only K-12 institution that educated the sons of the kingdom’s elite, including the royal family. At age 14, Osama was recognized as an outstanding, if somewhat shy, student at Al-Thagher. As a result, he received a personal invitation to join a small Islamic study group with the promise of earning extra credit. Osama, along with the sons of several prominent Jeddah families, were told the group would memorize the entire Koran, a prestigious accomplishment, by the time they graduated from the institution. But the group soon lost its original focus, and during this time Osama received the beginning of an education in some of the...

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(3) Najwa bin Laden, Omar bin Laden, Jean Sasson. Growing up bin Laden. pg 291. 2009
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