Home birth vs hospitalized births

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In the early 1900's and for years before then, almost every single birth that occurred happened inside the home and was the norm. Now a days it's the opposite. In the late 1960's that percent dropped down to only 1% of births happening at home instead of a hospital. The dramatic change in at home births is caused by the advance in technology and medicine this world has experienced since then. Women have so many choices when it comes to giving birth now. They can decide how they want to have the baby, and where. Birth can happen anywhere; at home, in a birthing center or in a hospital. It's all up to the woman. A woman might want look into the risks and benefits of each before deciding which is for her.

Although home births are still very rare, we have seen an increase since 2004 and many woman today are looking into the idea of home births. A woman who is having a healthy pregnancy so far with no complications or worries, might look into home births, otherwise giving birth at home could be very dangerous if there isn't a nurse or midwife present. Woman who have any heart problems or high blood pressure should consider other options as well. Even if the partner does not fully agree with the idea of home birth, this option may not be for her. Some of the perks or benefits of giving birth at home is obviously, that the woman can have anybody in the room with her during this time such as friends and family. This making the process much easier with many people to help give encouragement and emotional support as well as people around to help with anything the mother might need and the midwife might require help with. Another benefit is the immediate bonding and breastfeeding to the child. The sooner the mother is allowed to hold her child and breast feed him or her, the faster the child receives important antibodies it needs to fight off any disease. “Home birth can be significantly easier on your bank account. The average...

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