Homeopathic Medicines vs. Prescription Drugs

Topics: Pharmacology, Food and Drug Administration, Pharmaceutical drug Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: November 19, 2008
STEP 1) Choosing a Topic
The topic I have chosen to write about is "homeopathic medicines vs. the dangers of prescription drugs." I feel that this topic is very interesting because there are so many variations of homeopathic medicines. I am a firm believer that they work. I have used Echinacea many times to help rid myself and my family of the common cold. I would like to see more involvement by the FDA to conduct more tests regarding the effectiveness of the homeopathic medicines. I have reviewed the feedback from my peers and I get the feeling that many of my peers would be very interested in using the homeopathic medicines rather than using prescription drugs. I was also surprised that some people have never heard of or have even tried homeopathic medicines. I have also had many discussions with my co-workers regarding this topic and to my surprise all of them have used homeopathic more frequently to help cure the common colds or aches and pains. One of my co-workers has actually started to study homeopathic medicine and is well aware of what type of herb can help heal a particular symptom. I know that on several occasions he has directed me to a couple of different herbal remedies that have greatly improved of cured my problem. Recently I was sick with a awful sore throat. I was given Lavender on my tongue on two different days and I was shocked at the outcome. My sore throat went away. STEP 2) Describe two controversies surrounding this topic?

In conducting my research I have found many controversies surrounding my topic. I have chosen the following two controversies to talk about. The first controversy surrounding this topic would be how closely the FDA (Food Drug Administration) regulates homeopathic medicines. These medicines are regulated in many different ways which are not as complex as prescription drugs. The manufacturers are not required to submit any new drug applications when producing a new homeopathic medicine in a timely...
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