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1)Are the different accounts narrated in Perspective One mutually exclusive?

The accounts narrated in Perspective One , represent two different situations. In the first account there is an explanation of the strategy developed in Japan and its strengths, with the successive strategy designed, established and developed, with appropriate corrections, by the Honda company to penetrate the American market, and aim to have a large market share in that country. In Japan, the strengths are economies of scale and low manufacturing costs, focusing the production of high quality and low priced motorbikes. This strategy, over the years, brought Honda to lead the Japanese market. The company, detecting a strong attractiveness of the U.S. market in the 60’ years, decided to enter this market, planning the production of 30,000 motorcycles per month, and exporting its strengths, such as economies of scale, quality production methods and high level of engineering. This was the “operations strategy”.

Over the years, this strategy was developed through a contemporary marketing strategy, focusing at producing small motorcycles with low cost but high quality, with the intention of going into all the U.S. markets, state by state, starting from the west coast, never losing the main mission, which was to make clear that also in America, in Honda, is possible to meet the nicest people. The second account, concerns an interview with the manager of the Honda company, responsible for developing the outsourcing strategy in the U.S. market. This account, emphasizes how the structured approach, have suffered some changes and delays due to physiological problems to introduce into a studied but new system , a successful strategy in the original market. The interview tells of situations defined as “lucky”, that have led subsequently the implementation of the strategy planned and appropriately modified. The initial moments of difficulty bringing nearly to the failure of the operation,...
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