Honda Activa

Topics: Marketing, Honda, Customer Pages: 31 (6837 words) Published: August 20, 2013
* Introduction
* Statement of the problem
* Objectives of the study
* Need for the study
* Scope of the study
* Methodology
* Limitations of Study

* Theoretical background
* Customer satisfaction
* Customer buying decision process
* Marketing
* Consumer behavior
* Sampling procedure

* Industrial back ground of the study
* Growth of the industry
* Industry profile
* Motor cycle sweep stakes
* Origin of the organization
* Product profile

* Data Analysis & Interpretation

* Findings
* Suggestions
* Conclusion


* Questionnaires
* Bibliography

* Introduction
* Statement of the problem
* Objectives of the study
* Need for the study
* Scope of the study
* Methodology
* Limitations of Study

The two wheeler segment in the automobile industry plays a vital role in India. The present day market is such that a two wheeler is affordable by middle class people in urban areas. It is also more convenient for travelling short distance within the city and for individual, over, the years the sales figured of the two wheelers has increased to a very large extent. The sales of the two wheeler in 1950 were merely 900 units, whereas now the sales have gone up to millions. The two wheeler market mainly consists of scooterette and motorcycles. The motorcycles segment forms 65% of whole of two wheeler segment. Whereas earlier the motorcycles had a very small share in the two wheeler segment but with the collaboration of Indian and Japanese companies (Honda, Suzuki, and of Kawasaki) the share has increased tremendously with reason being that two wheelers had a superior engine, better pick-up, good mileage, improved designs and large options to choose from. The two wheeler segment is divided into two stroke and four stroke categories. The two strokes consists of kinetic Honda, Nova, Yamaha Rx135, kb-125, etc. the four strokes category consists of Honda Activa, TVS Scooty, Kinetic Style, etc. Most of the officials or some persons generally prefer these two wheelers, such as Honda Activa, Kinetic Honda, Scooty, etc, as they are more concerned with mileage. They are also concerned with these two wheelers, as they prefer unguarded vehicles, so that it would be easy to ride the two wheelers in the cities where there is much traffic. The scooterette segment will continue to lead the demand for two wheeler in the coming years. The Indian two wheeler industries produced and sold about 3.4 million units in the year 2009-10. Like any other Indian industry, the policy environment guided and controlled this segment of the industry as well. Licensing horns ruled day till the mid 80’s access to foreign technology inputs and foreign investment were strictly government controlled. Since mid 80’s, the Indian automobile industry was administered select doses of liberalization, foreign collaboration coupled with Indian market potential, attracted world major companies like, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.

With the recent influx of different brands in today’s four wheel auto segment each striving to satisfy customer with the end results of maintaining loyalty, at present cars as such have become necessity but not a nicety. With this outlook of today’s market it is even a layman’s perceptive that Honda has stood against all odds this indicates that Honda, by itself reflects a satisfied customer. Keeping in mind curriculum requirement and organizational requirement the study has been conducted to find out customer satisfaction towards Honda Activa. However, due to time constraint an in depth study could not be undertaken.

The main objectives of the study are:
1. To find out the customer satisfaction...
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