How 9/11 Changed America

Topics: September 11 attacks, Taliban, Al-Qaeda Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: February 10, 2013
9/11/01 was a day that changed both America and the world drastically. Security all around the world was heightened, people began to fear flying, and a war resulting in many casualties was started, all based on that one day.

Ever since 9/11, airport, and many important building’s security has become a hassle for all. Passengers must go through great lengths of security, which includes the checking of all carry-on bags, removal of shoes and metal objects, and passing through a high-tech body scanner, which can detect any weapons or explosives someone may have. Though this process can take hours, it is necessary to have maximum security. This process is similar to the ones in important buildings, such as the Empire State Building, The White House, and the United States Capitol. Though the security is a bother, it is needed in order for maximum security in all areas people with malicious intentions could target.

As security has become an annoyance, people’s mindset on flying has changed as well. People began to fear flying more than ever. Along with the always-there fear of a crash, there was now a fear of one’s plane being hijacked, or bombed. Even though the security was at its best, there is always that slim chance that someone missed something, which could cause a disaster. This caused many people to begin to fear flying, and some to abstain from flying as well. This caused many airlines, such as American Airlines, to lose business, and they are still struggling to this day. Many people refused to fly following 9/11 because of a newfound fear, which caused many airlines to begin to struggle to survive.

As many people began to from flying, a war in the middle east erupted as a result of 9/11. The war in the middle east was launched as a campaign to defeat the terrorists in charge of the attacks on 9/11. This war is still going on, and has become one of epic proportions. Throughout the war, many have lost their lives fighting for their country against the...
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