How Did the Constitution Guard Agienst Tyranny

Topics: Drug addiction, Pharmacology, Drug Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: December 17, 2012
is due to the auto safety that the government passed an article was published about that. Children take these prescription drugs and other drugs because they are easily influenced by their friends and or peers and if these children refuse to take the drug they are called wimps or un-cool and then maybe bullied. A lot of the time people feel that just because these drugs are prescribed by a doctor and they see their parents taking them they must be safe. That’s exactly what makes prescription drugs more dangerous than the illegal drugs on the streets because people tend to let their guard down with drugs that are prescribed by a doctor. According to WebMed, It’s a proven fact that teens who view social networking sites are 10 times more likely to abuse drugs then those who aren’t visiting those sites the reason for that is not because there viewing the site but what kind of stuff they are viewing on that particular site. Aug. 23, 2011 -- Teens who spend time on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networking sites may be more likely to smoke, drink alcohol, and use drugs. That's according to Columbia University's National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA). CASA recently polled more than 2,000 teens online or by phone, as well as 528 parents of teens. Most parents don’t believe that those sites have a chance of begin a negative impact on their kids. Most parents are guilty of not monitoring what their kids watch on TV or the kind of games kids are playing on play station. That’s one of the reasons teens turn to drugs and alcohol because of some of the things they view on TV or in the games they play. Music and Cyber bullying also plays a role in teen’s use of drugs and alcohol. Sometimes the lyrics on some of the songs teens listen to can impact their choice to use drugs and or alcohol. The lyrics can prove very offensive some lyrics talk about getting high and the use of marijuana, sex and drinking. One drug that wasn’t very much discussed...
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