How Great Websites Help Improve Your Business

Topics: Motorcycle, Harley-Davidson, Harley Owners Group Pages: 7 (2466 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Take a look at the websites for Harley-Davidson (, Yamaha (, and Indian ( Who are their potential customers? How is each of these companies appealing to their potential customers? Are they using emotion, facts, comparisons, etc? How effective do you believe each of them to be? Harley Davidson ( Who doesn’t know Harley Davidson? It is a popular American motorcycle manufacturer. Also known as H-D or Harley founded in 1903 by William Harley and Walter, William, and Arthur Davidson, who built their first three motorcycles in a shed in Milwaukee. Harley sells heavyweight which is over 750 cc motorcycles designed for traveling on highways.  It was one of two major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression during the first decade of 20th century. Harley-Davidson has come a long way since filing for bankruptcy in 1986 once the company realized how to connect with potential customers. According to Ken Schmidt, Harley-Davidson's former director of communication said that they don’t compete with hardware which only creates pricing pressure. Instead, they use the hardware as protection and the process behind it as their weapon. Their weapon of choice is getting potential customers to like them more than their competitors. From a hardware and utility perspective, everything does the same thing, so Harley do business with people, brands and organizations they like. Schmidt also said “When all things are the same and we feel no inclination to do business with one particular company over another, we buy from whoever is willing to sell us a cool piece of hardware at the lowest price. We are all consumers; the things we buy, the reasons we buy them, regardless of how much we spend, do not make sense.” Notice our customer is one of the key points in doing business. Harley-Davidson sale person continuously ask potential customers what that they really wanted and produce that product and sell it to them at a profit. Harley-Davidson brings motorcyclists together to create social network. Today there are 1,300 Harley dealers worldwide, 650 of which are in United States. The group are getting larger. The sales person refers the customers as a friend. The customer feels good once you treat them like a friend. By this they will go out and spread the word which create a bigger chain of ‘friends’ around the world. Current customers have told Harley-Davidson’s management to keep the identity, look and sound of the motorcycles because they are unique. When customers view are heard and accepted it develop greater brand loyalty, creating customer experience that is unique and valuable. Harley-Davidson ranging from CEO and sales person maintained personalised relationships with customers through face to face and social media contact. They use advertising nationally about four to five television commercials a year. These commercials are recognised because they are advertising the company not the product. They also advertised in national magazines such as Road & Track, Popular Science, and Fortune as well as specific motorcycle magazines as Easy Rider. Locally, individual Harley-Davidson dealers advertise on the radio and through direct mail. Internet is a great and fast way to promote as it reaches the entire world. Harley owners can find new product where new customers are able to see what products Harley-Davidson has to offer and can compare the price with similar products. The more information the public can get the more chances of a potential customer. The purpose of Harley-Davidson's mass media advertising is to inform and remind which move customers from ignorance to awareness. The plant's maintenance organization is a strong proponent of:

* Technology
* A focus on detail and root causes
* Team concepts
* Communication and sharing

By effectively using these "tools," says lead maintenance reliability engineer...
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