HUM 176: Assignment

Topics: Voting, Iraqi insurgency, Improvised explosive device Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: May 14, 2011
The biggest breaking story I chose was about the Afghans heading to the polls to vote amid the threats of insurgent attacks. On the CNN website, it seemed like the story was less detailed and descriptive than the other sites. Even though it covered the situation in Afghanistan, the information was delivered in a more passive way than FOXNews and MSNBC, almost as if it was a more opinion-based article. I noticed also that some of the key points that were covered on the CNN site were also covered in the other sites. Information on how many candidates were competing for election and how many seats were available in parliament seemed to be a point that all of the sites included. One main difference in the information that CNN covered, compared to the other sites, was it didn’t discuss or report anything about deaths during the election process. While news of different attacks were covered, like a roadside bomb blowing out the glass of a governor’s vehicle for example, reporting that there were no injuries quickly followed. There weren’t many links included on the page that related to the story. However, the one link that was there was a video that helped reinforce what the article covered. Other related links lead to topics on Afghanistan and the Afghanistan war. The commentaries on the CNN article were different because they described different accounts of what happened. Some discussed people were still going to the polls to vote while others came from candidates in the election. The same story of voting in Afghanistan was reported in a different way by MSNBC. After reading the article, it felt like the information was precise and more accurate. The article included more quotes than CNN and contained a better variety of information so more of the story was presented. It was surprising, in a way, to see that different people were interviewed in each of the websites, with the exception of the police officer Kamen Khan. I figured that certain people would be more...
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