Human Services Program

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Human Services Program: Commonalities and Successes
Shannon Williams
July 27, 2015
Gina Harper

Human service organizations are unique organizations they are different than any other in the general business world. According to Lewis and Packard (2012), human service organizations work together towards a common goal. Human service professionals work in different settings and in various ways to assist clients and improve their way of life. This shared vision brings other challenges that need to be addressed in partnership with other professionals. There are common denominators between agencies that are essential in the delivery of services. Common denominators stand out when human service organizations are observed. Each organization has its own specific service that is provided to a specific population or area. Never the less they all share the desire which is to enhance their client’s lives. Through the years, service deliveries have been impacted based on the trends during that specific time. Service deliveries can change based on political trends, economic trends, social trends, and technological trends. (Lewis & Packard, 2012). There are qualities in the human service field that are contributors to the organizations success. Some of the qualities in the human services organizations are the careful consideration being given to the employees and the sense of stake they have in the organization (Lewis & Packard, 2012). The trends that affect human services are political, economic, social, and technological. These trends have been contributors to the changes that have been happening in the field of human services. Political trends for example, the “devolution revolution” back in the close of the Twentieth Century (Cooke, Reid, & Edwards, 1997) shifted responsibilities from the federal government to the state and local government. It led to privatization which caused an increased in...
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