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1. If you were CEO of Harley- Davidson, how would you compare the advantages and the dis advantages of using exports , joint ventures, and foreign subsidiaries as ways of expanding international sales? a. If I were the CEO of Harley- Davidson, I see only upsides from joint ventures and foreign subsidiaries as types of insourcing. I say this due to the fact that the countries like Germany and Japan each had a helpful hand in the production of our motorcycles. That being said co ownership by both the US and these other countries would be fine as long as regulated and that main ownership remained stateside in the US. The disadvantage I do see is the notion of a strategic alliance given our company past experience with that practice in the 1950’s. During that time period we didn’t create lightweight motorcycles and left that to the British and Japanese, this left us with complete control over the heavyweight and super heavy weight motorcycles market. If we would have created a strategic alliance with these companies we would then be creating more competition for ourselves and who knows the consumers that would jump ship due to brand alliance. 2. In America, Harley has shifted the positioning of its products away from simply motorcycles and more towards being status symbols of a particular lifestyle. What are the implications of cultural factors for positioning in other countries that Harley has targeted for growth – ones like Japan, China, France, and Brazil? a. The Harley Davidson lifestyle is one that is difficult to transfer into other markets just based on the fact that the lifestyle is based on American culture. Although that is a fact who is to say that the present Harley Davidson lifestyle has to be the same in each market, for instance although the Japanese may be more likely to lean towards high speed motorcycles who is to say that we cant find the “rebel version “ in their society, the type that we have found in America and profited off of. If we...
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