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Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Braxton Hicks contractions Pages: 4 (1231 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Changes in The Body:During the Third Trimester
Backache-The extra weight they've gained is putting added pressure on their back, making it feel achy and sore. they might also feel discomfort in their pelvis and hips as their ligaments loosen to prepare for labor. At night, they sleep on their side with a pillow tucked between their legs and Wear low-heeled, comfortable shoes with good arch support. To relieve back pain, they use a heating pad and some take acetaminophen (a pill that treats minor aches and pains during pregnancy). Bleeding-Spotting may sometimes be a sign of a serious problem, including placenta previa (the placenta grows low and covers the cervix), placental abruption (separation of the placenta from the uterine wall), or preterm labor. Braxton Hicks contractions-They might start to feel mild contractions, which are warm-ups to prepare their uterus for the real labor to come. Braxton Hicks contractions often aren't as intense as real labor contractions, but they may feel a lot like labor and can eventually progress to it. One main difference is that real contractions gradually get closer and closer together and more intense. they're usually red in the face and out of breath after their contractions. Breast enlargement-By the end of their pregnancy, their breasts will have grown by as much as 2 pounds. Close to their due date, they may start to see a yellowish fluid leaking from their nipples. This substance, called colostrum,will nourish your baby in the first few days after birth. Discharge. They might see more vaginal discharge during the third trimester. Close to their delivery date, they might see a thick, clear, or slightly blood-tinged discharge. This is their mucus plug, and it's a sign that their cervix has begun dilating in preparation for labor. If they experience a sudden rush of fluid, it may mean that their water has broken, (although only about 8% of pregnant women have their water break before contractions begin). Fatigue-They...
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