Impact of Product Patent

Topics: Pharmacology, Generic drug, Drug discovery Pages: 4 (1047 words) Published: December 17, 2012
The overall purpose of the this paper is to access the impacts of patent right to developing world that will generate and contribute to the improvement of health, equity and development in Africa, through better access to essential drugs by supporting health knowledge and technology transfer and a public goods approach to pharmaceutical R&D and production.

Around the world, public concern is mounting at how the introduction of strict patent regimes in developing countries required by the WTO's TRIPS Agreement is causing the price of patented drugs to be set at high, often excessive levels

The intersection between public health, pharmaceutical production and intellectual property rights remains a complex and disputed domain. Countries need tools and support to make rational decision about their engagement into pharmaceutical innovation in ways that fit their heterogeneous needs and resources.

The deepening health crisis in many developing countries has raised this public concern as the pharmaceutical products to the poor people can not be accessed easily (lack of access) and the poor people can not even afforded to buy medicines.

Public outrage over the exorbitant prices of HIV/AIDS drugs has also put the spotlight on the negative effects of global patent rules on the price and affordability of essential and vitally-needed medicines. As each year about 11 million people die from preventable infectious diseases. The AIDS epidemic is claiming millions of lives, to the extent that in some countries over a quarter of the population is affected.

These countries must undertake an in-depth analysis of public health and innovation issues at regional and national level, develop strategies to address the gaps identified and put in place the essential building blocks of a pharmaceutical innovation system all of which are core to ensuring that their people have access to essential medical products .

Moreover, developed countries can assist this...
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