In the Womb

Topics: Pregnancy, Infant, Fertility Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: June 29, 2013
Technology is truly a wonderful thing. For us to be able to witness the growth of a precious child is beyond amazing. Having two children of my own, it was a exciting look at what was happening in my own body during my pregnancies. Babies are a gift that should not be taken for granted. By viewing the documentary, I was enlightened on just how miraculous the entire process is. As a nurse, I am aware of the development process of the gestation period. I was very surprised to learn that sperm only travel one tenth of a inch per minute. Even more interesting was how it is now believed that sperm locate the egg by smell. Its actually kinda funny to think of a sperm cell with a nose. The anatomy of the female reproductive system is complex, so they need all the help they can get. I was very shocked at the survival rate of the egg to full term infant. 50% seems like a very low number when compared to the amount of live births. The documentary became interesting for me at the twenty two week mark. Little facts of development that I had not been aware of begin during this time. Sense of hearing, amplified by amniotic fluid, is the most evident by the fetus. Weather the child is left or right handed is also determined during the time. The in utero surgery had me questioning the mortality rate of the fetus during a procedure. Although necessary, the invasive surgery must have adverse side effects. If the fetus moves or the ultrasound is the slightest bit inaccurate it obviously can be fatal. The stress and pain of the mother can cause increase in blood pressure and heart rate. This can cause issues in the blood and oxygen provided to the baby from the mother. All in all I found the documentary to be informative and educational. I was able to learn a few things that I had not been aware of through my previous nursing experience. I would encourage new mothers to view this film prior to the birth of their child. It would build a stronger connection from the parent to the...
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