In A Country Like India With Such An An

Topics: Human, Female, Black-and-white films Pages: 3 (1257 words) Published: January 8, 2015
In a country like India with such an ancient civilization where it is believed that women were worshipped, such a sad situation having developed in the status of women is really shocking. Even our sacred books point to the fact that, Indians believed that, a country where women are not respected, can never prosper and progress. It is with this background that, it becomes absolutely shocking to note the rising crimes against women, and the deteriorating position of women in the Indian social scenario. Even now, when we see women in the outside world that earlier concept that women are mere chattels, labourers and child producing machines still persists to destroy the rising image of the women. When this is the status granted to women even to –day, it is no wonder that, India is continuously on the decline in most of its developmental aspects. The girl child has always been derided, for, the very day of her birth in a family, is the day of the doom of the family, and so, automatically when this is the welcome accorded to her, what could be awaiting her for her to enjoy through life. When we neglect the girl, we are forgetting that, we are not neglecting the individual girl, but we are neglecting the very fountain of existence, and also all the finer aspects of life which in reality make this life worth living. Is there any doubt that, it is the women who give love, sacrifice and all happiness to main involves, and above all the girl gives the man service till she lives, and what a tragedy of life that, it is the same man who misuses her goodness and service. Should this not be matter of shame for man and his world. The very woman who gives man all that she has, in her role as a wife and a mother specially, should be so maltreated? This speaks volumes of man, and his character anc conduct. Practically speaking also, let us understand that, by suppressing women, even mathematically, the world is at a loss of growth. A country’s progress is bound to be scuttled when...
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