indian camp

Topics: Childbirth, Family Pages: 1 (447 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Indian camp

Indian camp is set in North America, near St. Ignace close to Canada. We are not told directly when the story takes place, but because they don’t have any technology and they seem to be poor, could the story possibly take place in the beginning of the 20th century. Indian camp is realistic. It is not happening in an imaginary world, but in a real world. The reason we can see that is, because it take place in North America. The Indians in the camp are very poor. They live in a small village very far away from another town, the closest town is St. Ignace. The Indians live in very smelly and uncomfortable shanties. They live many families together, in one shanty. There are five characters in the story, there is Nick, Nick’s father, Uncle Georg, the young Indian pregnant woman, the husband for the Indian woman. Nick is the main character in the story. He is together with his father and Uncle Georg. He asks a lot of questions, so he is possibly about eight years old. Nick don’t want to see the pregnant Indian woman in pain, he can’t understand why she is screaming. Nick’s acts tell us that he is very vulnerable. In the start of the story Nick is unsure one himself and diffident. But Nick is going through a transformation. In the middle of the story, where they are in the shanty and the Indian women are giving birth, is Nick in a kind of a shock. Nick doesn’t know how he shall act, on all the stuff that’s going on. It is very brutally for an 8 years old boy, to see a woman give birth and a man kill himself. At the way back from the Indian camp is Nick not the same as before. He don’t ask anything, he only make fast that he would never die. The reason he does that is because he thinks that the only way to die is to kill you self. Nick’s father wants to learn Nick a lot, he want Nick to be cleaver and helpful, like himself. Nick’s father know a lot, about sick people, so he is probably a doctor or want to be one. The story starts in medias res,...
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