Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

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India, an emerging economy, has witnessed unprecedented levels of economic expansion, along with countries like China, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. India, being a cost effective and labor intensive economy, has benefited immensely from outsourcing of work from developed countries, and a strong manufacturing and export oriented industrial framework. With the economic pace picking up, global commodity prices have staged a comeback from their lows and global trade has also seen healthy growth over the last two years. Global economy is seems to be expanding after a recent shock. Indian Economy, however just felt the blow of the global economic recession and the real economic growth have seen a sharp fall followed by the lower exports, capital outflow and corporate restructuring. It is expected that the global economies continue to stay strong in the short-term as the effect of stimulus is still strong and the tax cuts are working. Due to strong position of liquidity in the market, large corporations now have access to capital in corporate credit markets. India¶s Economic Outlook Projection 2007 GDP Growth CPI 9.40% 6.40% 2008 7.30% 9.30% 2009 7.60% 5.50% 2010 8.30% 4.90%

Year 2009 has started on the gloomy note, however the trend reversed from the first quarter of the year, financial markets posted strong gains fueled by huge amount of capital inflows which was set-aside during the economic downturn in search of a higher yield. Number of companies jumped into the equity markets to raise funds to de-leverage themselves, corporate risk have declined. Before the beginning of the economic recession, several companies betted on the better economic future and blindly raised funds thru various options (largely in a way of debt). Real Estate was the hardest hit industry during the recession. Many companies even offloaded their huge amount of stake, in order to meet the deadline to pay-off the short-term debt. Not only the realty companies which have faced that situation, actually many Small & Medium



Enterprises (SMEs) have opted that option to expand themselves aggressively and routed out of the business. As the new year begins, the new wave of optimism has surrounded the economies to expand further from the recent shock, with the expectations of fresh stimulus package, shrink in unemployment rate, expectations of the high inflation, higher interest rates in the emerging economies. Over the next few months, inflation would be a worrisome for the economies. According to the estimates, inflation would likely to reach up to 10%, resulted, the expectations of the monetary policy tightening from the Reserve Bank of India in the second quarter review of monetary policy. Asian economies ± Chinese economy in particular, along with India are in the strongest place for a sustained recovery. There are increasing signs of a recovery in a private domestic demand. INFLATION IN INDIA Since the global economies are emerging from the lows, in a short run, inflation is expected to rise due to bounce back in demand for commodities. Although, the underlying inflation are still on the downside. Higher unemployment rate in the west will lead to low wage growth and pricing power would be limited for a long time as demand will be very vulnerable to price rises. But, India would buck the trend in inflation due to ample amount of liquidity in the system and rising demand. In financial year 2007-08, average inflation in India was around 4.66 percent. This rate was lower than average inflation of financial year 2006-07. In 2007-08, fiscal high prices of food items were primary cause behind high rates of inflation. That high rate of inflation had to be controlled by banning a number of necessary commodities as well as various...
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