Infant and Development

Topics: Infant, Pregnancy, Childbirth Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Christine Smithwoodlands under 5’sAssessor: Cheri Holland Explain the difference between sequence of development and rate of development, why the difference is important? CYP3.1-1.2 The difference between sequence and the rate of development is, Sequence is the order that development happens in and the rate is the speed that it happens. For example sequence: a baby’s physical development may begin with rolling over then sit up, crawl, walk, run. Another may sit up, walk, run missing out rolling over & crawling even though things are missed the development still proceeds in what’s viewed as an expected pattern. The rate: where one baby may achieve walking without help at 10 months another may accomplish it at 12 months another at 16 months.Sequence of development means you must finish with one area before you move onto the next one, you cannot skip a sequences or you will not be fully developed. The rate of development is the pace that a child develops at. If one of the principles that run through all of the areas of development from mental to physical to emotional, is skipped or is slow it can cause for concern and may lead to a child being given a special recommendation or having special need in or outside school, growth and development are a continuous process and are different for all individuals.

Some babies and young children develop at different rates because of experiences relating to conception, pregnancy and birth. Explain the potential effects of these experiences on developments CYPOP1-1.3 Babies and young children show different rates of development, but this is because sometimes it is linked to experiences during conception, pregenecy and birth. Conception: When a sperm and egg fuse, a transfer of genetic information takes place, the fertilized egg will have 23 chromosomes from both parents, which is then used to determine its development, however due to some genetic combination may resolve in some medical conditions and disabilities....
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