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Topics: Automobile, BMW, Diesel engine Pages: 3 (568 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Amrut Patel
Informative Speech


Attention getter: “We at BMW do not build cars as consumer objects, just to drive from A to B. We build mobile works of art.” Chris Bangle (Chief Of Design)

Credibility Statement: As a lifelong car enthusiast, and an owner of 3 BMWs I have had my fair share of exposure to the brand and everything it embodies.

Thesis: Since its inception BMW has been a household name that is synonymous with the automobile industry. I believe they are a very important brand and I think everyone should know a little about them more.’

Relevancy: I am sure everyone here at some point in the future will be purchasing a car. Whether it be used or new this car may very well be a BMW and knowing a little bit more about the brand will certainly aid you in the decision making process.


1) First I will discuss the history of the car.
2) Then I will discuss current models.
3) Lastly I will discuss future models.

Transition: Now ill tell you where BMW began.


I) BMW began its roots during WW1 where it manufactured airplane parts in 1917. a) In 1918 because of the signing of the treat of Versailles BMW was forced to switch to Motorcycles and then cars in 1929 (BMW Website). b) After the first WW came the second where BMW had to turn back into making airplane engines again. c) At the end of the war they were left in deep financial trouble and had to liquidate most of their assets but facing financial troubles the car company made some smart decisions and has come out on top. Transition: After years of struggle and finally getting everything to work BMW has evolved into the company we know today.

II) BMW offers many models that can fit almost any budget and any type of need. a) BMW has the 2 to 7 series models for cars.
i) 2,4,6 being coupes
ii) 3,5,7 being sedans

b) They also offer a range of SUVs
i) X series 1,4,5,6
c) They usually offer them in 2 engine sizes and for...

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