Injection Administration

Topics: Routes of administration, Route of administration, Learning object Pages: 3 (449 words) Published: January 4, 2013
September 2012
1. Past academic experience in year 1 February 2012:
* Theoretical session (2 hours) on injection administration * Practical experience with handling equipment and administering a subcutaneous and intramuscular injection in clinical skills laboratory * Open access to review Reusable Learning Object (RLO) regarding Intramuscular Injection (IMI) administration

2. Past practical experience to be determined in class during year 2 review session Predominant issues for review relating to IMI and subcutaneous injection administration in year 2: Teaching and learning plan| Teaching and learning format| Determination of practice exposure while on clinical practice| Whole group discussion| Sharing experiences and peer learning| Whole group discussion| Review of controversial issues relating to injection administration| Whole group| Individual practice| Facilitated small group practice and learning| On-going learning| 1. Individual web based learning2. Clinical practice exposure|

Predominant items for discussion relating to injection administration in year 2: Patient safety: Clinician safety:
* 10 R’s10 R’s
* Patient safetyNeedle stick injury prevention / incident reporting * Needle selectionOpening glass ampoule
* Site selectionDocumentation
* Skin cleansing policy

1. 10 R’s

Right patient

Right drug

Right form: Suppository / Tablet / Injection / Spray / Drops / Ointment / Patch

Right dose

Right route: Oral / Nasal / Dermal / Rectal / Intravenous / Intradermal / Intramuscular / Subcutaneous / Buccal

Right time: 30 minute rule

Right response: Immediate response / Short term response / medium long term response

Right education: Expectations / Allergies / Adverse events / Interactions

Right to refuse

Right documentation: Date / Time / Medication / Dose /Inj site / Side used / Response / Signature...
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