Institutional Pharmacy Setting

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Institutional Pharmacy Setting 1

Institutional Pharmacy Setting
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Institutional Pharmacy Setting 2
An institutional pharmacy provides an array of services for residents of nursing homes, hospitals, hospice care, and other long term facilities. In this particular setting, the pharmacist will take responsibility for the medication that the patients’ need and ensures that patients’ medications are appropriate, effective, safe, and they are used correctly. A pharmacy technician may work with less supervision in this setting, so it is important that the technician also be familiar with dosing, compounding, IV administration, and other drug relation procedures.

The institutional pharmacy provides delivery service and prescription drugs that are individually packaged. Pharmacists constantly check patients’ drug interaction to avoid duplication of the treatment and reactions. The institutional pharmacy is a principal defense against medical errors and allows the pharmacists and staff to provide patient the quality care that they deserve. The pharmacist counsels patients, provide drug regimens, and oversee medication distribution. Institutional pharmacists and technicians use controlled dispensing systems to make sure that patients have the right drugs at the right time and in the proper dosage and form. Intense services and comprehensive scope are other services provided by the institutional pharmacy.

o   For what tasks might an institutional-pharmacy technician be responsible? o   How are medication orders processed in an institutional pharmacy setting? o   How do institutional and noninstitutional pharmacy settings differ? o   What patient issues might arise when working in an institutional pharmacy setting? o   Which issues may be unique to institutional pharmacy settings?
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