Institutional Pharmacy Setting

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Institutional Pharmacy Setting
HCP 210
December 5, 2010
Patrice Daniels

Institutional Pharmacy Setting

Pharmacy Institutional setting is a service provided 24 hours a day 365 (Johnston, 2006) days a year. Most Institutional pharmacy provides blister pack medications to ensure the safety and quality to the patient. Institutional pharmacy are design to provide safe and secure prescriptions most of the time the patients are on site within the pharmacy. Pharmacist works hand and hand with doctors, Physical Therapist, and nurses to provide consultations and feedback to the doctors if needed. Not only does an institutional pharmacy provide quality care they also allow for patients to return unused and unopened medications for credits (Johnston, 2006). Pharmacy Technicians has a wide variety of task to do in an institutional pharmacy. There responsibility includes data collection and reporting, they will manage inventory and billing as well as formulary maintenance. Technicians must perform surveys and inspections on patient’s rooms for medications, while conducting inspections audits are done on the narcotic inventory. Technicians are also responsible for maintaining the crash carts for emergencies. Education is vital to this field of work because it require focus and lots of thinking. Although technicians have to educate themselves, they also have to attend in-service meetings and assist in organizing and maintain the medical library (Johnston, 2006). As a part of every day duties the pharmacy has to be stocked with supplies and medications used this will include ordering drugs as well. Technicians also perform maintenance on the devices use like fax machines and printers and so forth. Before a technician can perform in a pharmacy setting like an institutional pharmacy, they should have adequate training because it so important and patient’s lives are at risks. Medications are dispensed in an institutional pharmacy the same way...
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